Panel: Women In Comics

With Hope Larson, Nicola Scott, Sarah Richardson, Tom Taylor, and Angela Ndalianis

The Women in Comics Panel brings together artists and scholars to discuss the many facets involved in being a woman in the culture of comics – as a woman working in comics, a female superhero represented in comics, and as a woman who reads comics. Hope Larson and Nicola Scott discuss working as artists in the comics industry. Tom Taylor provides insight into writing the new female hero of the Wolverine series, X-23. Sarah Richardson examines the nature of shame and affect in the representation of women in comics and Naja Later explores the world of comics fandom. This dynamic line up of comic experts aims to ultimately answer the key questions of what it means to be a woman in the world of comics: on the page, holding the pen, and as a consumer. And how have things changed in the last twenty years?

‘Women In Comics,’ panel at the Superhero Identities Symposium, Melbourne, 9th December 2016.

Click here to listen to podcast


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