Article: Why Everyone Should Be Excited for Starz’ American Gods

The internet is approaching fever pitch over American Gods. Based on Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed epic, the show will be brought to Starz by Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller and Logan writer Michael Green. Social media is already teeming with excitement and speculation from the novel’s many avid fans. For this reason, or many others, you’ve been meaning... Continue Reading →


Article: Political Comics: Why We Should Take HYDRA-Magneto Seriously

Click hear to read article. This month, the news broke that Marvel’s latest event will have a series of variant covers of HYDRA-styled bad guys. Included among the lineup will be Magneto, a character whose origins as a Jewish Holocaust survivor should set him in direct opposition to the Nazi-influenced HYDRA. As we enter the... Continue Reading →

Article: How ‘Captain America: Civil War’ echoes our political anxieties

The long-anticipated Captain America: Civil War has just hit Australian cinemas. The latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings to a head a problem that has been brewing for years: whether superheroes should be directed by government organisations. 'How Captain America: Civil War echoes our political anxieties,’ The Conversation, 28th April 2016. Click to view... Continue Reading →

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