Publication: The Daywalker: Reading Blade as Genre Hybridity

Abstract: Blade, from character to genre, is a study in hybridity. This paper will use contemporary genre theories to discuss how we approach the Blade films as part of the Marvel corpus, and how generic hybridity is personified by Blade himself. Blade simultaneously problematises and champions hybridity, exploring its complexities and successfully bridging a range... Continue Reading →


Co-publication: Dark and Wicked Things: The Slender Man, Tween Girlhood, and Deadly Liminalities

With Jessica Balanzategui. Abstract: In May 2014 in Wisconsin, two 12 year old girls led another girl, also 12, into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. The children claimed that they were driven to attack the girl by the Slender Man, a character nebulously developed across various internet sites, whose polyphonic, centerless mythology has... Continue Reading →

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